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"Community Chat" host, Tenickia Polk, interviews three guests from the Fairfax County Police Department (Detective Melissa Wallace, Detective Caitlin O'Malley and Victim Specialist Sarai Heath), on overcoming the trauma of domestic violence. This show also includes personal insight on domestic violence trauma from Mattie Palmore. Also, Tenickia Polk, Community Chat host, gives practical "how-to" steps for victims on forgiveness .

Kari Warren and Mattie Palmore, both domestic abuse survivors and now advocates for survivors, discuss valuable resources available in the community for people facing abuse at the hands of a spouse or partner.

Learn how to identify and overcome common characteristics of domestic violence. Advocates Amanda Tenorio and Betty Wright share their personal stories of overcoming abuse, and they discuss the profiles of abusers and victims. Also, Community Chat host,Tenickia Polk, explains the ultimate enemy in domestic violence: self-hatred. Visit www.domesticviolence.tv for additional information.

Rev. Bruce Langwiser and Min. Carol Owens Ford discuss ways the church can prevent and address domestic violence in congregations. Their recommendations include establishing support groups, and ministering to the abused and abuser separately. Also, hear Tenickia’s testimony of escaping domestic abuse, with the help of church members.

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